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New Skatepark in Emeryville, CA


As of March 2016, Emeryville, California's new skatepark is open! Located in Joseph Emery Park, the skatepark is named after and dedicated to Antonio Ramos, a local skater and artist that died tragically in September of 2015. Designed by excellent skatepark designer and builder Wormhoudt Inc., the new park has a plaza-style layout that boasts some cool and unusual features including a variety of quarterpipes, various humps and bumps, a box/manual pad, a bowl with pool coping and an 8' deep end, and a rainbow rail reminiscent of the one found at the old Oakland/Emeryville DIY spot under the 580 that was demolished by Caltrans back in 2011. The park is sick so get directions and go shred!!

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