Carlsbad Skatepark

Carlsbad, California

Less than ideal Far from perfect but there is fun to be had

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This skatepark is located right next to a police station
8am - 10pm
15,000 sq ft

User Rating


This is a great park for intermediate and beginners. Good guys will find some ills school “small” obstacles but if you’re creative you can get sick and get a bit more out of the park than what it is designed to offer. There are small and gentle transitions which are great for those learning how to get on top of coping and working on balance and the feel of grinding, board slides, rock n rolls, disasters, etc. get weird. Ledges are small and good for those working on getting up and grinding and all the variations you can think of. The concrete edges are pretty beat up, rounded, and chunky which makes great practice for those spots in the city you get chased out of after too many attempts. The people that show up are typically chill and there are a few shredders that milk the park for what it offers. But if you are beginning, beginning again, or want to get a good skate work out, this place is worth stopping in on. The challenge and coolest part about this park is that it is slanted/ on a hillside. So you can let gravity offer some speed or you can work against it. Be creative and have fun.